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[1673] - Dual decision processes: retrieving preferences when some choices are automatic
per Francesco Cerigioni
(Octubre 2019)

[1672] - Higher orders of rationality and the structure of games
per Francesco Cerigioni, Fabrizio Germano, Pedro Rey-Biel i Peio Zuazo-Garin
(Agost 2019)

[1671] - Random models for the joint treatment of risk and time preferences
per Jose Apesteguia, Miguel Ángel Ballester i Angelo Gutierrez
(Setembre 2019)

[1670] - Aggregate dynamics in lumpy economies
per Isaac Baley i Andrés Blanco
(Maig 2019)

[1669] - The identification problem for linear rational expectations models
per Majid Al-Sadoon i Piotr Zwiernik
(Setembre 2019)

[1668] - Investment demand and structural change
per Manuel García-Santana, Josep Pijoan-Mas i Lucciano Villacorta
(Agost 2019)

[1667] - How effective are monetary incentives to vote? Evidence from a nationwide policy
per Gonzales Mariella, Gianmarco León-Ciliotta i Luis R. Martinez
(Desembre 2018; Revisat: Juliol 2019)

[1666] - Accountability, political capture and selection into politics: evidence from Peruvian municipalities
per Miriam Artiles, Lukas Kleine-Rueschkamp i Gianmarco León-Ciliotta
(Abril 2018; Revisat: Agost 2019)

[1665] - A theory of economic unions
per Gino Gancia, Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto i Jaume Ventura
(Agost 2019)

[1664] - Sharing a government
per Jaume Ventura
(Juliol 2019)

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