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[1888] - Industrialization without innovation
per Paula Bustos, Juanma Castro-Vincenzi, Joan Monràs i Jacopo Ponticelli
(Setembre 2023)

[1887] - The effects of climate change on labor and capital reallocation
per Christoph Albert, Paula Bustos i Jacopo Ponticelli
(Maig 2024)

[1886] - Geographic shareholder dispersion and mutual fund flow risk
per Javier Gil-Bazo i Raffaele Santioni
(Abril 2024)

[1885] - The medieval church and the foundations of impersonal exchange
per Benito Arruñada i Lucas López-Manuel
(Abril 2024)

[1884] - Sectoral dynamics of safe assets in advanced economies
per Madalen Castells Jauregui, Dmitry Kuvshinov, Bjoern Richter i Victoria Vanasco
(Abril 2024)

[1883] - Fragmented monetary unions
per Luca Fornaro i Christoph Grosse-Steffen
(Abril 2024)

[1882] - Heterogeneity and aggregate fluctuations: insights from TANK models
per Davide Debortoli i Jordi Galí
(Març 2024)

[1881] - The short- and long-term effects of family-friendly policies on women's employment
per Alicia De Quinto i Libertad González Luna
(Març 2024)

[1880] - Climate change and migration: the case of Africa
per Bruno Conte
(Octubre 2023)

[1879] - Can Public Policies Break the Gender Mold? Evidence from Paternity Leave Reforms in Six Countries
per Sébastien Fontenay i Libertad González Luna
(Gener 2024)

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