Els 10 working papers més recents

[1764] - Trade-induced local labor market shocks and asymmetrical labor income risk
per Ursula Mello i Tomas Rodriguez Martinez
(Desembre 2020)

[1763] - Borders within Europe
per Marta SantamarÝa, Jaume Ventura i Uğur Yeşilbayraktar
(Desembre 2020)

[1762] - Understanding the effects of granting work permits to undocumented immigrants
per Joan MonrÓs, Javier Vßzquez-Grenno i Ferran Elias
(Desembre 2020)

[1761] - Monetary policy and inequality
per Asger Lau Andersen, Niels Johannesen, Mia J°rgensen i JosÚ-Luis Peydrˇ
(Desembre 2020)

[1760] - Bilateral international investments: The big sur?
per Fernando Broner, Tatiana Didier, Sergio L. Schmukler i Goetz von Peter
(Desembre 2020)

[1759] - Toxic types and infectious communication breakdown
per Kfir Eliaz i Alexander Frug
(Desembre 2020)

[1758] - The regional impact of economic shocks: Why immigration is different from import competition
per Christoph Albert i Joan MonrÓs
(Novembre 2019; Revisat: Desembre 2020)

[1757] - Separating predicted randomness from residual behavior
per Jose Apesteguia i Miguel ┴ngel Ballester
(Febrer 2020) [Publicat a: Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming.]

[1756] - Who truly bears (bank) taxes? Evidence from only shifting statutory incidence
per Gabriel JimÚnez, David Martinez-Miera i JosÚ-Luis Peydrˇ
(Desembre 2020)

[1755] - Social adaptation to diseases and inequality: Historical evidence from malaria in Italy
per Paolo Buonanno, Elena Esposito i Giorgio Gulino
(Novembre 2020)

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