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[1742] - A great disturbance in the crypto: Understanding cryptocurrency returns under attacks
per Simona Ramos, Fabio Pianese i Ester Oliveras
(Setembre 2020)

[1741] - Real-Time inequality and the welfare state in motion: Evidence from COVID-19 in Spain
per Oriol Aspachs, Ruben Durante, Alberto Graziano, Josep Mestres, José Garcia Montalvo i Marta Reynal-Querol
(Setembre 2020)

[1740] - Distributional effects of COVID-19 on spending: A first look at the evidence from Spain
per José Garcia Montalvo i Marta Reynal-Querol
(Setembre 2020)

[1739] - The short- and long-run employment impact of Covid-19 through the effects of real and financial shocks on new firms
per Christoph Albert, Andrea Caggese i Beatriz González
(Agost 2020)

[1738] - Detecting accounting fraud using quantitative techniques
per Nirali Singh i Oriol Amat
(Agost 2020)

[1737] - Forward looking loan provisions: Credit supply and risk-taking
per Bernardo Morais, Gaizka Ormazabal, José-Luis Peydró, Mónica Roa i Miguel Sarmiento
(Agost 2020)

[1736] - Big tech mergers
per Massimo Motta i Martin Peitz
(Juliol 2020)

[1735] - Shelving or developing? The acquisition of potential competitors under financial constraints
per Chiara Fumagalli, Massimo Motta i Emanuele Tarantino
(Juliol 2020)

[1733] - Riding out of a financial crisis: The joint effect of trust and corporate ownership
per Mario Daniele Amore i Mircea Epure
(Juliol 2020)

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