Els 10 working papers més recents

[1844] - Market effects of sponsored search auctions
per Massimo Motta i Antonio Penta
(Juny 2022)

[1843] - Policy-making, trust and the demand for public services: Evidence from a nationwide family planning program
per Gianmarco León-Ciliotta, Dijana Zejcirovic i Fernando Fernandez
(Juny 2022)

[1842] - World population growth revisited, 1960-2030. Some preliminary remarks.
per Enriqueta Camps
(Juny 2022)

[1841] - Are entrepreneurs more upwardly mobile?
per Matthew J. Lindquist i Theodor Vladasel
(Juny 2022)

[1840] - Immigration, labor markets and discrimination: Evidence from the venezuelan exodus in Perú
per Andre Groeger, Gianmarco León-Ciliotta i Steven Stillman
(Maig 2022)

[1839] - Q-Monetary Transmission
per Priit Jeenas i Ricardo Lagos
(Maig 2022)

[1838] - The allocation of incentives in multi-layered organizations
per Erika Deserranno, Stefano Caria, Philipp Kastrau i Gianmarco León-Ciliotta
(Abril 2022)

[1837] - Uniform and distribution-free inference with general autoregressive processes
per Tassos Magdalinos i Katerina Petrova
(Abril 2022)

[1836] - The effect of second generation rent controls: New evidence from Catalonia
per Joan Monràs i José Garcia Montalvo
(Desembre 2021; Revisat: Abril 2022)

[1835] - Entropy, directionality theory and the evolution of income inequality
per Fabrizio Germano
(Abril 2022)

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