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Paper #1865

Fascist ideology and migrant labor exploitation
Mario Carillo, Gemma Dipoppa i Shanker Satyanath
Juny 2023
Official reports from the International Labor Organization have been increasingly highlighting the pervasive presence of forced labor, especially involving migrants, in the developed world. There is, however, little work explaining the demand-side determinants of modern forced labor. We address this gap by focusing on variations in modern forced labor within a single developed country (Italy). Regression discontinuity and triple differences designs show that modern forced labor is strongly associated with prior exposure to the ideology of the Italian Fascist regime (1922-43) which emphasized the subjugation of non-white ethnic groups (the primary subjects of forced labor).
Paraules clau:
political extremism, ideology, labor coercion, migration
Codis JEL:
J7, J15, J81, O15, P00, Z00
Àrea de Recerca:
Economia Política

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