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Compositional data analysis — linear algebra, visualization and interpretation
Michael Greenacre
Novembre 2021
Compositional data analysis is concerned with multivariate data that have a constant sum, usually 1 or 100%. These are data often found in biochemistry and geochemistry, but also in the social sciences, when relative values are of interest rather than the raw values. Recent applications are in the area of very high-dimensional "omics" data. Logratios are frequently used for this type of data, i.e. the logarithms of ratios of the components of the data vectors. These ratios raise interesting issues in matrix-vector representation, computation and interpretation, which will be dealt with in this chapter.
Codis JEL:
C19, C88
Àrea de Recerca:
Estadística, Econometria i Mètodes Quantitatius

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