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Paper #1841

Are entrepreneurs more upwardly mobile?
Matthew J. Lindquist i Theodor Vladasel
Juny 2022
Entrepreneurship is often hailed as a path to upward intergenerational mobility, but few studies have explicitly tested this belief. We study intergenerational income rank mobility among entrepreneurs and employees in Sweden using high-quality measures of lifetime income for 215,000 father-son pairs. Incorporated entrepreneurs are more upwardly mobile than wage earners; this result is driven by selection and not by the causal impact of entrepreneurship on upward intergenerational mobility. By contrast, unincorporated entrepreneurs are more downwardly mobile, a result explained by selection, income underreporting, and lower returns to skills and education.
Paraules clau:
Entrepreneurship, incorporation, intergenerational mobility, lifetime income, upward mobility
Codis JEL:
L26, J24, J62
Àrea de Recerca:
Economia de l'Empresa i Organització Industrial

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