The last 10 most recent working papers

[1861] - Do incompetent politicians breed populist voters? Evidence from Italian municipalities
by Federico Boffa, Vincenzo Mollisi and Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto
(March 2023)

[1860] - Exploring European regional trade
by Marta Santamaría, Jaume Ventura and Uğur Yeşilbayraktar
(December 2022)

[1859] - Partisan Abortions
by Libertad González Luna, Luis Guirola and Blanca Zapater
(March 2023)

[1858] - Trade and urbanization: Evidence from Hungary
by David Krisztián Nagy
(December 2020) [Published in: American Economic Journal, 14 (3), 2022, 733-790]

[1857] - The chi-square standardization, combined with Box-Cox transformation, is a valid alternative to transforming to logratios in compositional data analysis
by Michael Greenacre
(January 2023)

[1856] - Principal component analysis
by Michael Greenacre, Patrick J. F Groenen, Trevor Hastie, Alfonso Iodice d’Enza, Angelos Markos and Elena Tuzhilina
(January 2023)

[1855] - Continuing patent applications at the USPTO
by Cesare Righi, Davide Cannito and Theodor Vladasel
(January 2023)

[1854] - Monetary policy, inflation, and crises: New evidence from history and administrative data
by Gabriel Jiménez, Dmitry Kuvshinov, José-Luis Peydró and Bjoern Richter
(December 2022)

[1853] - Firing costs and productivity: Evidence from a natural experiment
by Andrea Caggese, Ozan Guler, Mike Mariathasan and Klaas Mulier
(November 2022)

[1852] - Income inequality and entrepreneurship: Lessons from the 2020 COVID-19 recession
by Christoph Albert, Andrea Caggese, Beatriz González and Victor Martin-Sanchez
(October 2022)

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