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[1620] - Gender norms and intimate partner violence
per Libertad González Luna i Núria Rodríguez-Planas
(Octubre 2018)

[1619] - Religion, division of labor and conflict: Anti-semitism in Germany over 600 years
per Sascha O. Becker i Luigi Pascali
(Octubre 2018)

[1617] - eSports: profile of participants, complementarity with sports and its perception as sport. Evidence from sports video games
per Jaume Garcia Villar i Carles Murillo
(Octubre 2018)

[1616] - Changes in inequality in mortality: New evidence for Spain
per Libertad González Luna i Ana Rodríguez-González
(Agost 2018)

[1615] - Copy trading
per Jose Apesteguia, Jörg Oechssler i Simon Weidenholzer
(Juliol 2018)

[1614] - Credit scoring for the supermarket and retailing industry: analysis and application proposal
per Raffaele Manini i Oriol Amat
(Gener 2018)

[1612] - Common ownership and market entry: Evidence from the pharmaceutical industry
per Melisa Newham, Jo Seldeslachts i Albert Banal-Estañol
(Maig 2018)

[1611] - Evolving practice in land demarcation
per Benito Arruñada
(Maig 2018)

[1610] - Fiscal multipliers and foreign holdings of public debt
per Fernando Broner, Daragh Clancy, Alberto Martin i Aitor Erce
(Desembre 2017; Revisat: Desembre 2018)

[1608] - Blockchain: The birth of decentralized governance
per Benito Arruñada i Luis Garicano
(Abril 2018)

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