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[1656] - The international bank lending channel of monetary policy rates and QE: Credit supply, reach-for-yield, and real effects
per Bernardo Morais, José-Luis Peydró, Jessica Roldán-Peña i Claudia Ruiz-Ortega
(Octubre 2018)

[1655] - Monetary policy and bank profitability in a low interest rate environment
per Carlo Altavilla, Miguel Boucinha i José-Luis Peydró
(Octubre 2017; Revisat: Març 2018) [Publicat a: Economic Policy, 33(96), October 2018, 531-586.]

[1652] - The rise of shadow banking: evidence from capital regulation
per Rustom M. Irani, Rajkamal Iyer, Ralf R. Meisenzahl i José-Luis Peydró
(Abril 2018)

[1641] - Identifying and estimating the effects of unconventional monetary policy in the data: How to do It and what have we learned?
per Barbara Rossi
(Gener 2018)

[1640] - Confidence intervals for bias and size distortion in IV and local projections–IV models
per Gergely Ganics, Atsushi Inoue i Barbara Rossi
(Setembre 2018)

[1639] - The effects of conventional and unconventional monetary policy on exchange rates
per Atsushi Inoue i Barbara Rossi
(Desembre 2018) [Publicat a: Journal of International Economics, 118, 2019, 419-447]

[1638] - The effects of conventional and unconventional monetary policy: A new approach
per Atsushi Inoue i Barbara Rossi
(Octubre 2018)

[1624] - Bayesian forecasting of electoral outcomes with new parties' competition
per José Garcia Montalvo, Omiros Papaspiliopoulos i Timothée Stumpf-Fétizon
(Desembre 2018)

[1623] - Not so disruptive after all: How workplace digitalization affects political preferences
per Aina Gallego, Thomas Kurer i Nikolas Schöll
(Novembre 2018)

[1621] - Cost-benefi t analysis in reasoning
per Larbi Alaoui i Antonio Penta
(Octubre 2018)

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