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[1635] - Concentration in international markets: evidence from US Imports
per Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Rosario Crinò i Gino Gancia
(Febrer 2019)

[1634] - Accounting for structural patterns in construction of value functions: a convex optimization approach
per Mohammad Ghaderi i Milosz Kadzinsky
(Gener 2019)

[1633] - Evolution of financial information and management control over the last 150 years. The case of Bodegas Torres
per Oriol Amat i Natàlia Amat
(Febrer 2019)

[1632] - The Phillips multiplier
per Régis Barnichon i Geert Mesters
(Gener 2019)

[1631] - Simple methods for consistent estimation of dynamic panel data sample selection models
per Majid M. Al-Sadoon, Sergi Jiménez-Martín i Jose M. Labeaga
(Gener 2019)

[1630] - Strategic cautiousness as an expression of robustness to ambiguity
per Gabriel Ziegler i Peio Zuazo-Garin
(Gener 2019)

[1629] - Mothers’ care: reversing early childhood health shocks through parental investments
per Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Antonio Cabrales, Sergi Jiménez-Martín i Judit Vall Castello
(Gener 2019)

[1628] - Cyclical fluctuations, financial shocks, and the entry of fast-growing entrepreneurial startups
per Christoph Albert i Andrea Caggese
(Desembre 2018; Revisat: Juny 2019)

[1627] - The isometric logratio transformation in compositional data analysis: a practical evaluation
per Michael Greenacre i Eric Grunsky
(Gener 2019)

[1626] - Use of Correspondence Analysis in Clustering a Mixed-Scale Data Set with Missing Data
per Michael Greenacre
(Gener 2019)

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