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[1729] - Colonization, early settlers and development: The case of Latin America
per José Garcia Montalvo i Marta Reynal-Querol
(Juliol 2020)

[1728] - How the covid-19 lockdown affected gender Inequality in paid and unpaid work in Spain
per Lidia Farré, Yarine Fawaz, Libertad González Luna i Jennifer Graves
(Juliol 2020)

[1727] - Optimal lockdown in a commuting network
per Pablo D. Fajgelbaum, Amit Khandelwal, Wookun Kim, Cristiano Mantovani i Edouard Schaal
(Juny 2020)

[1726] - Monetary policy and asset price bubbles: a laboratory experiment
per Jordi Galí, Giovanni Giusti i Charles N. Noussair
(Maig 2020)

[1725] - Macroprudential policy, mortgage cycles and distributional effects: Evidence from the UK
per José-Luis Peydró, Francesc R. Tous, Jagdish Tripathy i Arzu Uluc
(Juny 2020)

[1724] - Trusting the bankers: A new look at the credit channel of monetary policy
per Matteo Ciccarelli, Angela Maddaloni i José-Luis Peydró
(Juliol 2013) [Publicat a: Review of Economic Dynamics, October 2015, 18(4): 979-1002]

[1723] - Asocial capital: Civic culture and social distancing during COVID-19
per Ruben Durante, Luigi Guiso i Giorgio Gulino
(Maig 2020)

[1722] - Quantitative easing, investment, and safe assets: the corporate-bond lending channel
per Erasmo Giambona, Rafael Matta, José-Luis Peydró i Ye Wang
(Maig 2020)

[1721] - Stressed banks? Evidence from the largest-ever supervisory review
per Puriya Abbassi, Rajkamal Iyer, José-Luis Peydró i Paul E. Soto
(Febrer 2020)

[1720] - Media persuasion through slanted language: Evidence from the coverage of immigration
per Milena Djourelova
(Maig 2020)

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