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[1601] - Religion and the European Union
per Benito Arruñada i Matthias Krapf
(Març 2018; Revisat: Juny 2018)

[1600] - Uncovered interest parity, forward guidance and the exchange rate
per Jordi Galí
(Maig 2017; Revisat: Maig 2019)

[1599] - Earthquakes and terrorism: the long lasting effect of seismic shocks
per José Garcia Montalvo i Marta Reynal-Querol
(Febrer 2018)

[1598] - Turbulence and unemployment in matching models
per Isaac Baley, Lars Ljungqvist i Thomas J. Sargent
(Gener 2018)

[1597] - The impact of progressive tuition fees on dropping out of higher education: a regression discontinuity design
per José Garcia Montalvo
(Gener 2018)

[1596] - International commodity prices and civil war outbreak: new evidence for Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond
per Antonio Ciccone
(Gener 2018)

[1595] - Inequality reducing properties of income tax schedules
per Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau i Humberto Llavador
(Gener 2018)

[1594] - On the empirical (ir)relevance of the zero lower bound constraint
per Davide Debortoli, Jordi Galí i Luca Gambetti
(Gener 2018; Revisat: Juny 2019)

[1593] - Experiment-inspired comments on John Roemer's theory of cooperation
per Antoni Bosch-Domènech i Joaquin Silvestre
(Desembre 2017)

[1592] - Constraints on LTV as a macroprudential tool: a precautionary tale
per José Garcia Montalvo i Josep M. Raya
(Desembre 2017)

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